TENA Slip Maxi - Medium (75-110cm/28-44in) 3260ml - Pack of 24

TENA Slip Maxi - Medium (75-110cm/28-44in) 3260ml - Pack of 24

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Featuring Twin Core technology, Stay-Dry Layer and breathable backing, this All in One provides superior defence against heavy levels of incontinence.

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Product Description


The TENA Slip Maxi, being manufactured to help people who suffer from cases of moderate to heavy incontinence, is an all inn one solution that provides the highest level of protection for people who are in desperate need of greater care and whose bladders are a little too over-active.

With Twin Core Technology, the TENA Slip Maxi is capable of absorbing liquid at a fast pace. The FeelDry™ Layer also exists to reserve liquid and keep the surface completely arid. Whether you’re wearing the product for just a little while or an extended period of time, you can rest assured of minimal discomfort all the way.

The product also works with the user, as the wetness indicator lets the user know when it needs to be changed. With a Tape Landing Zone, the TENA Slip Maxi now has fixation tape hooks that are much wider and as such, the user is free to adjust and reshape the fixation tabs without fear of causing any damage to the product. It also exists to provide an extra layer of security and safety for the user.

As a final piece of efficiency, the user can rest assured that the product will give a snug and perfect fit, as it has been carefully modified to fit the contours of the body. A water repellent barrier and odor neutralizer are also included in order to confine ay released liquid to a specific area and to curb the emission of any unpleasant smell. The new design comes with the ConfioAir™ technology which makes allowance for the skin to breathe and maintain its own health as well as effective air circulation. With a textile-like feel, the new material feels tender against the skin and dryness is maintained thanks to the breathable back-sheet. Users can also rest assured that the material has been tested dermatologically in order to ensure the optimum health of the skin.

Benefits & Features

ConfioAir™ Breathable Back-sheet

This means that the TENA Slip Maxi is perfectly able to ensure dryness on the skin and enhance the user’s comfort.

Water-Repellent Barrier

A water-repellent barrier helps keep any released liquid confined and effectively away from making contact with the skin.

Wetness Indicator

With a wetness indicator, the user will know exactly when the TENA Slip Maxi needs to be changed.


The TENA Slip Maxi can also easily be disposed in a healthy and hygienic manner.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbency 3260ml
Units Per Pack 24
Product Style TENA Slip Maxi
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Heavy Incontinence
Vat Exempt Yes
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