TENA Pants Super X Large (120-160cm/46-62in) 2010ml - Pack of 12

TENA Pants Super X Large (120-160cm/46-62in) 2010ml - Pack of 12

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With Feel Dry Layer™ and Odour Control System for all day comfort and protection. Absorbent and breathable with elasticated waist. Kind to skin. Disposable.

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Product Description


The TENA Pants Super were specifically designed to provide a fit that is similar to that of regular and normal underwear. It has an elastic band that provides comfort. The elastic band also ensures that it is increasingly easier to pull the pants on and off when required. With a built-in absorbent pad and a Feel Dry Layer™, the pants are effectively able to absorb any released liquid and keep it away from making direct contact with the user's body. Double cuff legs also ensure maximum security against leakage and complete dryness. With a breathable back-sheet, air regulation is ensured and as such, the skin is allowed to breathe and kept in optimum health and comfort.

The TENA Pants Super also come with a specialized Odor Control System that is capable of keeping foul odors locked away for at least 12 ours. This means the product is or than ideal for extended use. When you’re ready to throw the product away, you can easily do so thanks to the tear away seams. Disposing is made easier and discrete with the adhesive tape at the back.

The new design features ConfioAir technology that helps the skin to breathe and maintain its own health. With a new textile-like material, the product feels gentler on the skin and dryness is ensured thanks to a breathable back-sheet.

Benefits & Features

Odor Control System

The Odor Control System keeps foul odors locked away for up to 12 hours, making the product ideal for long term use

Feel Dry Layer™

With this, the surface of the product is kept arid and optimally comfortable on the user’s skin

Breathable Back-sheet

The breathable back-sheet s always here to assist with maintaining the product’s dryness

Elastic Waist

An elastic waist helps the user to pull the pants on and off as at when needed


Discrete disposing is made possible thanks to the adhesive tape located at the back of the product.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbency 2010ml
Product Style TENA Pants Super
Waist Measurement 120-160cm / 46-62'
Units Per Pack 12
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Heavy Incontinence
Vat Exempt Yes
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