TENA Pants Discreet - Large (95-125cm/38-50in) 750ml - Pack of 10

TENA Pants Discreet - Large (95-125cm/38-50in) 750ml - Pack of 10

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Discreet, elasticated pants with built in absorbent pad, for comfort and protection. Featuring Feel Dry Layer™ and Odour Control System. Disposable.

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Product Description


The TENAPants Discreet were specially designed to emulate the appearance and fit of normal underwear in order to provide protection for people who have moderate levels of incontinence. An elastic band located around its waist enables you to pull the pants on and off whenever you need to without any stress whatsoever.

With a built-in absorbent pad and a Feel Dry Layer™, the TENA Pants Discreet are able to easily absorb any released liquid and keep it away from the body of the user. Double cuff legs also offer maximum security against any unexpected leakage and ensure total dryness throughout.

The TENA Pants Discreet come with a highly effective Odor Control System that serves to lock away any foul odors and prevent them from breaking out (in the event of a release of any body fluids that have the potential to smell) for a period of up to 12 hours. This means that this product is more than perfect for extended use. When the product has been used and it’s time to throw it away, the user can easily remove them thanks to the presence of tear away seams, There is also an adhesive tape located at the back that allows you to neatly and discreetly dispose the pants.   

Benefits & Features

Odor Control System

With the Odor Control System, you won’t ever have to worry about the emission of any unpleasant smell as any odor will be effectively sealed in.

Feel Dry™ Layer

The FeelDry™ exists to maintain comfort for the user as well as the dryness of the Pants Discreet’s material

Breathable Back-sheet

The presence of the breathable back-sheet helps to ensure that your skin stays healthy and that air is well circulated around your genitals

Invisible under Normal Clothing

You won’t need to worry about discretion, as this product has been designed to perfectly fit and remain undetected under normal clothes.

Elasticated Waist

The elastic band around the waist makes it much easier to put the pants on and off as at when convenient


With an adhesive tape around the back, neat and hygienic disposing has never been this easy

Identified by a White colored band


Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbency 750ml
Units Per Pack 10
Product Style TENA Pants Discreet
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Light Incontinence, Moderate Incontinence
Vat Exempt Yes
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