TENA Men Level 2 450ml Pack of 10

TENA Men Level 2 450ml Pack of 10

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Anatomic shape with a secure fit that provídes discreet protection against light incontinence. Lock Away Core™ and Odour Control™ system for dryness and comfort.

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Product Description


The TENA Men Incontinence Pad

The TENA Men Incontinence Pad has been designed specifically to fit the use of males. With it, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy comfort, dryness, and security all day long.

This cup shaped pad feature a design that has been engineered to specifically fit the male anatomy, with special design attention given to the various contours of the body, altogether providing a safe and comfortable snug and fit. You will be able to effectively carry out your daily activities without every worrying about a shift in the position of the pad.

This product has been specifically designed to provide effective defense against excessive urinary incontinence. With special attention given to discretion, the TENA Men Incontinence Pad comes with an incredibly thin pad that goes completely unnoticeable while under everyday clothing. It also features a unique Lock Away Core™ which contains micro-absorbents that effectively retain liquids and keep them safely away from making any physical contact with the body. In conjunction with the Odor Control™ system, you can be sure that this pad will provide a dry and comfortable experience that not only helps keep your skin healthy but is also free of any foul odors. Take a look at some of its standout benefits & features

Anatomic Shape

The TENA Men Incontinence Pad features a design that was specifically engineered to fit the male anatomy, with special and particular attention given to the various contours and edges on the male body. Altogether, it makes for a perfectly snug and comfortable fit that can last all day.

Odor Control™ and Lock Away Core™

While Odor Control™ prevents the outburst of any unpleasant odors stemming from the release of any liquids, Lock Away Core™ works to keep these liquids away from your skin, making for a comfortable dry, and safe experience.

Secure Fit for Discreet Protection.

The TENA Men Incontinence Pad fits perfectly under clothes, and you can rest assured that it’ll go completely undetected while you engage in your daily activities.


The TENA Men Incontinence Pad is also easily disposable. To wit, please make sure to dispose it properly once you’re done with it to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbency 450ml
Units Per Pack 10
Product Style TENA Men Level 2
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Light Incontinence
Vat Exempt Yes
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