TENA Flex Super - Small (60-90cm/23-35in) 1910ml - Pack of 30

TENA Flex Super - Small (60-90cm/23-35in) 1910ml - Pack of 30

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With a unique Air Dry Layer, for breathable and comfortable use. Elasticated fit, with Twin Core technology and Stay Dry Layer. With Wetness Indicator.

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Product Description


The TENA Flex Super is an item which has been known to provide protection to people who have issues with heavy urinary and faecal incontinence. It features a unique and specially designed Air Dry Layer™. This layer allows only air to come in and restricts the entrance of any form of fluid. With it, the user can be assured of better skin integrity, and comfort will also be provided thanks to the new and improved cloth-like covering.

This brief is belted and can easily be fitted to conform to the user’s body and provide a tight fit. The effort required to connect is minimal, and no form of extra fixation is needed. The pad section can be released and reapplied at any point, and it can be done without the need to adjust the whole item. When normal toilet is possible the TENA Flex Super is an ideal product. The waist is also elastic, thereby providing a more snug and perfect fit on the body.

With Twin Core technology for, the TENA Flex Super provides rapid absorption of any released liquid. There is also a Stay Dry Layer that separates liquid permanently from the body. Essentially, the user can keep wearing this product even after a series of accidents.

The TENA Flex Super also comes with a wetness indicator that notifies the user of the need for a change. Additional leakage barriers and the curved double leg elastics also exist to provide an extra degree of comfort and optimum protection against incontinence. These two work in tandem with the water-repellent barrier and together, they prevent the leakage of any urinary and faecal release, thus providing protection to the users clothing.

These pants have also been color coded in order to provide ease of identification. 

Benefits & Features

Air Dry Layer, Breathable, Waterproof Backing

A breathable Air Dry Layer ensures that air is circulated and that the skin remains healthy. The waterproof backing also ensures that fluid particles are restricted from making contact with the skin.

Twin Core Technology

Twin Core Technology is always on hand to ensure that the TENA Flex Super is able to absorb any urinary or faecal waste quickly and completely, leaving the product’s surface arid and dry

Stay Dry Layer

A Stay Dry Layer primarily ensures that liquid is separated and restrained from making contact with the body.

Wetness Indicator

A wetness indicator alerts the user inn real-tie when the TENA Flex Super needs to be changed.

Elasticated Waist and Legs

Elasticated waist and legs provide assured protection against incontinence all day.


To ensure perfect health and hygiene, the TENA Flex Super can easily be disposed.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbency 1910ml
Product Style TENA Flex Super
Waist Measurement 60-90cm / 23-35''
Units Per Pack 30
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence, Heavy Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence
Vat Exempt Yes
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