VAT exemption

More information about VAT exemption on Incontinence Help products.

Here at Incontinence Help we are able to offer VAT exemption on hundreds of products designed specifically for incontinence, so long as they are being purchased either for personal use or by a registered charity. Additionally, products in our catalogue that specifically aid disability or severe injury may also be eligible. Products are marked as being VAT exempt by their manufacturers, whose guidelines we are required to follow. You will not be eligible for VAT relief if you are buying goods for business or institutional use, e.g. in a clinic or care home.

**Due to recent changes in the rules relating to VAT exempt pricing, we are now able to sell eligible VAT Exempt Incontinence products such as incontinence pads and pants, bed pads and urinals, under a set quantity, without asking you to complete a declaration form. You will only be asked to complete a VAT declaration form for incontinence products if you buy in larger quantities.</p>
Prices on these items are now listed as Ex. VAT only. Items which are not included under this rules, such as healthcare items and VAT inclusive items will continue to be shown with both Ex. and Inc. VAT prices. 

How To Claim

Products that are VAT exempt will be clearly marked as such on the website. During the checkout process, before payment, you will be asked to complete our VAT exemption declaration if required. If the products are for personal or domestic use, the name and address of the user will be required. If you are purchasing the goods for a registered charity, then we will require your charity number. If at any point you need assistance with the process, feel free to call our customer advice helpline on 01952 913 112.

Completing Your VAT Declaration

You must be certain of your eligibility for VAT relief before filling in the declaration form. If the goods are not for you, you should only complete the name and address fields if you are ordering on the behalf of an individual who is entitled to claim relief from VAT.

Important Information

It is vital that you are sure you are eligible for VAT exemption before completing the declaration form. If you or the end user suffer from a long term medical impairment or have recently undergone a serious injury or operation, then it is very likely you will be eligible. You do not need to be registered as disabled in order to qualify for VAT relief.

If you are uncertain of your eligibility, you may wish to contact your GP or local continence nurse. If you require further clarification, it might be worth talking to your local tax office. Section 39.2 of the VAT Act 1983 provides for severe penalties for anyone who makes use of a document which they know to be false for the purposes of obtaining VAT relief.

The completed VAT exemption declaration form is retained for presentation to the VAT office only, and will not be used for any other purposes.

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