Case Saver 6 x Attends Soft 4 Super - Pack of 46

Case Saver 6 x Attends Soft 4 Super - Pack of 46

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A slim and discreet pad designed for moderate incontinence featuring an absorbent core.

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Benefits & Features

• Perfect for moderate incontinence.

• Easy to insert and remove.

• Highly absorbent care.

• Contains leg elastics for additional barrier.

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Product Description


The Case Saver 6X Attends Soft 4 Super is cost-effective for people who suffer moderate incontinence levels. These are adhesive pads that fit within a wearer’s own underwear or underpants. They are also designed to work with some of the other Attends products, including Attends Stretch Pants or the Attends Briefs.


The Attends Soft 4 Super is a U-shaped or cup-shaped pad that has been anatomically designed to gently wrap around the curves of the body, rather than in a straight rectangular shape that causes bulkiness and gaps.


This pad design has an effective absorbent core that draws in fluids from the exact location they are released. There are also additional levels of protection, including surrounding the pad. There is a softly gathered barrier that fits around the legs.


The Attends Soft provides a moderate incontinence solution that allows people to confidently resume normal daily activities. If there is a gush, they can feel confident and finish their activity, until they can reach a bathroom and change their Attends Soft.


Each Attends Soft 4 Super has a breathable textile backing that helps the skin to breath and not get sweaty. This will also help the wearer to forget what they’re wearing, and allow them to have a normal life.


Each pad also has built-in odour protection, just in case there is a gush and the wearer can’t immediately get to a washroom. The pad has enough protection to keep fluids in, which helps in keeping odours in. There is also an odour-masking substance that will help to keep smells in.


The Attends Soft are also made from soft and gentle materials that are comfortable against the skin. There are 276 pads in this lot, which is suitable for people or patients who are suffering from longterm incontinence.


Each Attends Soft 4 Super has an absorbency level of 999ml. They measure 14.5cm / 5”. They are disposable and are designed to be folded up and discarded in a waste bin. They are not flushable. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 276
Absorbency 999ml
Size 14.5cm / 5"
Waist Measurement Not Applicable
Product Style Attends Soft 4 Super
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Vat Exempt Yes
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