Attends Stretch Pants with Legs Large (90-120cm/35-47in) - Pack of 3

Attends Stretch Pants with Legs Large (90-120cm/35-47in) - Pack of 3

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Benefits & Features

• Secure fit holds pad in place.

• Comfortable soft, stretchy material.

• Traditional white underwear colour.

• Reusable and machine washable.

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Product Description


The Attends Stretch Pants with Legs Large are designed to be worn with incontinence pads. These stretch pants are in shorts-style and are for men who need a solution of how to hold an incontinence pad securely in place. They provide a discreet way to wear an incontinence pad that holds it securely without moving or slipping around.


These shorts are in traditional white colour with a narrow burgundy stripe around the waistband, and a narrow stripe around each of the legs. The legs are partially covered, much like shorts are. These are for men who need the Large size, but there are also different sizes of Attends shorts available to fit other sizes.


These shorts hold one incontinence pad, from sizes small to up to the larger shapes. Since it’s recommended that the pads be worn with stretchy pants rather than boxer shorts, this provides a solution. The stretchiness of the pants will hug the body.


Not only will the adhesive in the pad adhere much better to the stretchiness in the shorts, but since the material hugs the body closely, it also has a dual function of helping the pad to stay put. It’s recommended that incontinence pads not be worn with boxer shorts, as their security can’t be guaranteed.


The Attends Stretch Pants with Legs Large are made from a soft, stretchy material, much like real underwear. During wearing, they will feel like regular underwear fabric. The white colour most closely resembles regular underwear.


Since the stretch pants are so close-fitting, they provide a more discreet way of wearing an incontinence pad, without bulk showing under clothing. The Attends Stretch Pants with Legs Large provide a way for the user to feel comfortable and go about normal everyday activities.


These Attends Stretch Pants with Legs are also machine washable. They can be washed in temperatures of around 40-85°C. With proper care, they can be washed for up to 15 washes. This pant provides a secure and reusable way to wear incontinence pads.


There are three Attends Stretch Pants with Legs Large in each pack. These fit men with an approximate waist measurement of 90-120cm/35-47in.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 3
Size Large
Waist Measurement 90-120cm/35-47in
Product Style Attends Stretch
Vat Exempt Yes
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