Attends Professional Care Hydrogel (200ml)

Attends Professional Care Hydrogel (200ml)

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Specific area massage like temples,shoulders and chest.

Keep away from eyes

Promotes blood circulation

Mint Oil, Menthol, Camphor, Allantoin, Panthenol

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Product Description


Attends Professional Care Hydrogel is a gel-like lotion that is meant for massage healthcare purposes. It can help with the well-being of a patient who is suffering from headaches, migraines, joint and muscle pain, circulatory issues, and other discomforts caused by aging and health conditions.


To use the gel, squeeze out a small amount and warm in the hands. The gel can be massaged into the regions of the temples and face, and around shoulders, chest, and back. It will naturally absorb into the skin, leaving it free from stickiness.


The gel will provide a warming feeling, and will help to reduce pain and inflammation in problematic regions of the body. It can also help to improve blood circulation, so that the body can better adapt to healing and resume normal function.


This is a skin-friendly gel that provides natural stimulation for blood circulation. It’s suitable for all adult age levels, including seniors, and people who suffer blood circulatory issues. It’s helpful in soothing both skin and muscle disorders.


The allantoin and panthenol will keep the skin from drying out after usage, and provide an additional layer of moisturizing properties.


The Attends Professional Care Hydrogel has a pleasant and uplifting aroma that will encourage alertness and higher energy. It’s best to be used in morning or afternoon, to experience the benefits throughout the day. It’s not recommended to use in the evening as it’s stimulating properties can impact sleep.


It’s important to keep the gel away from nostrils, eyes, ears, and intimate regions, due to its warming properties. Simply wash with water if affected. Let the gel thoroughly dry before dressing. Clothes can easily be rinsed out if any gel stains them. The caregiver should wash their hands immediately after usage.


There are many natural ingredients in Attends Professional Care Hydrogel that have been proven to improve circulation, provide warming properties, and reduce pain and swelling. These include mint oil, menthol, and camphor. The gel lotion also contains allantoin and panthenol for its moisturizing properties.


The Attends Professional Care Hydrogel is sold in a white, pink, and silver tube that contains 200ml, and has a white snap-close lid.


Benefits & Features

• Improves blood circulation.
• Use to boost mood & energy.

• Ease pain and stiffness in body.
• Contains natural ingredients: mint oil, menthol, camphor.

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Additional Information

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