Attends Professional Care Dry Cleansing Wipes (1 Pack of 150)

Attends Professional Care Dry Cleansing Wipes (1 Pack of 150)

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Soft and strong disposable dry cleansing wipe

Use in combination with Attends Care Foam or Washing Lotion

150 wipes per pack

Main ingredients: Cellulose

Use in combination with a skin cleansing product like Attends Care Foam or Washing Lotion

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Product Description


The Attends Professional Care Dry Cleansing Wipes have been designed to work with additional cleaning products, such as Attends Care Foam, or Attends Washing Lotion, to gently clean the surface of the skin. They can also be used for dry care and to provide a general surface cleaning of the skin.


These cleansing wipes don’t contain any harsh alcohols or cleansers. The caregiver has the choice of adding a skin cleanser. Two wipes can be used for cleansing—one to remove dirt and debris with the cleanser—and a dry wipe to remove moisture and water from the skin.


The cleansing wipes have been made from cellulose, and are soft for both patient’s skin, and caregiver’s hands. They are multi-purpose for helping in all aspects of patient care. These wipes provide a better solution than machine-washable cloths, as they are much softer, much like cotton flannel.


These wipes are suitable for sensitive or fragile skincare. They are just durable enough to last through one cleansing but soft enough they won’t provide any abrasiveness. The Cleansing Wipes can be used on all parts of the body, from head to toe, and in intimate regions before placing a fresh Attends pad.


The addition of warm water and cleaning foam or lotion will provide more comfort to the skin. The wipes are highly absorbent and will provide an easier solution for sponge bathing of patients, keeping water and soap within the wipe. The absorbency of a dry cloth will quickly aid in drying the patient.


These cleansing wipes are fragrance-free, so you don’t have to worry about allergic or respiratory reactions in patients. The caregiver can control exactly what type of skin cleaner to use.



The Attends Professional Care Dry Cleansing Wipes have been designed for only one use and can be discarded in a waste disposal bin when cleansing is done. They are not washable, and will naturally disintegrate with excessive use.


The Attends Cleansing Wipes come in a black and blue box with simple dispensation of one dry wipe as needed. The box can sit on the washroom or bathroom counter to stay in reach as needed. There are 150 wipes in one box.


Benefits & Features

• Disposable cleansing wipes.
• Strong but still soft.

• Use with Attends Care Foam or Attends Washing Lotion.
• Large box of 150 wipes per pack.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 150
Size No
Vat Exempt Yes
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