Lille Supreme Form Maxi

Lille Supreme Form Maxi

Lille Supreme Form Maxi incontinence pads can guarantee protection against moderate to heavy level incontinence. Each pad can absorb 2920 ml and guard against odor

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The LILLE HEALTHCARE SUPREM Form Extra Plus Large Shaped Pads offer incredible rates of absorbency, this is a result of their unique high loft layer. Designed to be worn with stretch pants for a close body fit to reduce risk of leakages. These pads are suitable for defence against medium to heavy urinary incontinence and faecal smearing. With a breathable waterproof backsheet for extra comfort and protection, by promoting air flow they ensure skin remains healthy; the backing is made from a non-rustle material and have an Odour Control system for user discretion. The hydrophobic inner leg cuffs increase protection against leaks, enabling extended use. These pads have a built-in wetness indicator to notify the user or their carer when the product needs changing. Benefits & Features
  • - Breathable and Waterproof Rustle-free Backing
  • - Unique High Loft Layer
  • - Odour Control
  • - Wetness Indicator
  • - Disposable
Additional Information

Additional Information

Waist Measurement Length 65cm / 25"
Absorbency 2920ml
Units Per Pack 4 x 20
Vat Exempt Yes
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