Lille Classic Form Extra

Lille Classic Form Extra

SKU: LCFM4121-03
With a wetness indicator and a highly absorptive double pad, these pads are ideal for users who suffer from moderate to heavy incontinence.

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Product Description


The LILLE HEALTHCARE CLASSIC Form Extra are specifically designed for users who suffer from moderate to heavy urinary incontinence, these disposable pads feature a polyethylene backing for added leak protection, and a wetness indicator. The double pad offers speedy absorption and odour control, while the hydrophobic leg cuffs offer the user extra comfort and reassurance. Benefits & Features
  • - Waterproof Polyethylene Backing
  • - Wetness Indicator
  • - Speedy Absorption
  • - Hydrophobic Leg Cuffs
  • - Disposable
Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 112
Absorbency 1750ml
Size 65 x 33cm
Vat Exempt Yes
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