Case Saver 4 x Attends Pull Ons 8 - Small (60-90cm/24-35in) Pack of 16

Case Saver 4 x Attends Pull Ons 8 - Small (60-90cm/24-35in) Pack of 16

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Benefits & Features

• Easy to pull on and off.

• Breathable back sheet material to maintain comfort.

• Flexible fit moves naturally with regular activity levels.

• Discreet and fits close to body.

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Product Description


The Case Saver 4X Attends Pull Ons 8 is a cost-effective solution to managing the incontinence care of patients, loved ones, or yourself. This lot includes 4 packages of the Attends Pull Ons 8 - Small. This is a discreet pull up that is worn in replacement of underpants. It’s designed for those with heavy bladder weakness or faecal incontinence due to illness, disease, or aging.


These Attends Pull Ons 8 - Small are designed for heavy incontinence. For patients who suffer mild, light, or severe incontinence, one of the other Attends products may be better.


The Attends Pull Ons 8 - Small have an underpants shape, so that the wearer can maintain their confidence and forget what they’re wearing. The Attends are made from a soft material. There is a wide waistband to help them securely stay up, and two ruffled and elasticized legs that provide an additional barrier to leakage.


At the centre of the Attends is a rectangular pad. This is permanently fixated, so that a new Attends will need to be replaced if it becomes soiled. Within the pad is a highly absorbent core that retains fluids. A special gel-like substance turns the fluid leaks to a gel, which prevents them from escaping. These pants can be worn through multiple gushes.


The Attends Pull Ons are in a small size in this lot, but there are also other sizes if this is not right for you. Each Pull On is designed to look like underwear, with a white and light blue material design. There is a breathable back sheet that provides additional comfort so there is no sweatiness.


Each Attends has a flexible fit that allows the skin to breath. They have been designed to feel like real underwear, and to look as discreet as possible under clothing in order to minimize the appearance of the incontinence pad that’s installed within the pants.


There are 64 Attends Pull Ons 8 - Small Pads in this lot. They each have an absorbency of 2099ml. They fit a waist measurement of 60-90cm/24-35in. If this isn’t the right fit, there are other sizes in the Attends Pull Ons line.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 64
Absorbency 2099ml
Size Small
Waist Measurement 60-90cm/24-35in
Product Style Attends Pull Ons 8
Suitable for Heavy Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Vat Exempt Yes
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