Case Saver 4 x Attends Pull Ons 5 - Small (60-90cm/24-35in) Pack of 18

Case Saver 4 x Attends Pull Ons 5 - Small (60-90cm/24-35in) Pack of 18

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Benefits & Features

• Anatomically shaped to fit the body.

• Centred Active Zone to collect fluids.

• Flexible stretch fit for full movement.

• Large 4 pack case saver lot.

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Product Description


The Case Saver 4X Attends lot contains the Attends Pull Ons 5 - Small that each have 18 pull ons in each pack. These are the small size to fit smaller people. There are also case lots of the other sizes, for people who suffer incontinence and need a longterm solution to manage their condition. This is also suitable for care homes or hospitals who manage the care of patients.


These Attends Pull Ons are designed for moderate levels of urinary and faecal incontinence. They have been designed to resemble real underwear, and to be anatomically designed to fit the body.


This allows for a more secure fit that doesn’t bunch or bulge, so that dignity and confidence can be maintained so the wearer or patient can resume their normal daily activities.


If the patient has had a longterm health condition, illness, cancer treatment, or is aging, the Attends Pull Ons 5 - Small provide a solution for getting back to a normal routine while managing what could be an embarrassing condition.


The Attends Pull Ons 5 - Small resemble real underpants. They’re still flexible and made from breathable material to keep the skin from sweating. The pants are made from white and a blue materials. They have a wide stretchy waistband to prevent slippage. There are frilly leg elastics which serve a dual purpose in keeping the person dry, even if there are leaks. There is a breathable textile backing for comfort.


At the centre of the pull ons is a long rectangular pad. This has a highly absorbent core right in the middle, to collect leaks where they naturally occur. The moisture will be siphoned away from the patient’s skin, and will soon dry. This keeps the wearer dry and comfortable. The fluid is turned to a gel within the absorbent pad so it cannot escape.


The Attends Pull Ons 5 - Small are fully disposable. Once they’re soiled, they can be removed, folded up, and placed in the garbage bin.


There are 72 pull ons in this case lot. Each has an absorbency of 1699ml, and is a small size. The waist measurement is 60-90cm / 24-35”. There are other suitable Attends Pull Ons sizes if this isn’t the right size for you.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 72
Absorbency 1699ml
Size Small
Waist Measurement 60-90cm / 24-35"
Product Style Attends Pull Ons 5
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Vat Exempt Yes
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