Case Saver 4 x Attends Pull Ons 5 - Medium (75-110cm/29-43in) Pack of 18

Case Saver 4 x Attends Pull Ons 5 - Medium (75-110cm/29-43in) Pack of 18

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Benefits & Features

• Large 4 pack lot.

• Anatomically shaped to fit the body.

• Flexible stretch fit.

• Breathable and comfortable.

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Product Description


The Case Saver 4X contains the Attends Pull Ons 5 - Medium, which each contain eighteen pads. This is a cost-effective way to purchase urinary or faecal incontinence pads for yourself, a loved one, or a patient. These pads are for moderate levels of incontinence.


The large lot contains several of the same Attends Pull Ons. These pull ons are designed in a white and grey underpants style. They are to be worn in replacement of regular underwear for men and women. They have a wide stretchy waist band at top, and two ruffled leg elastics, with a large central pad region.


The Pull Ons can be worn discreetly under clothing, so only the wearer will know. They provide for a minimum of bulk to reduce embarrassment.


This Attends product has a longer waistband that allows for increased anatomical framework that sits close to the body. This provides for a secure and discreet fit, and to prevent movement that can cause leakage.


The central zone is highly absorbent and called the Active Zone. This is right in the middle of the pad where a higher absorption level is needed.


The Pull Ons have a flexible fit that moves with the wearer. The material is breathable and much like that of underwear fabric. This allows for better comfort and heat regulation. The wearer will feel like they’re wearing normal underwear, and they will be able to resume normal activities.


The underpants pull ons have been anatomically shaped for better fit. They also provide a barrier to leaks. The released fluids will stay within the pad of the pull ons. Even if the fluids escape the absorbent pad, they will still stop at the leg elastic barrier.


These are flexible pants that have breathable material. This helps to keep the skin dry and healthy. There is also a breathable textile backing so the skin can remain comfortable.


There are 72 Attends Pull Ons 5 - Medium in this case lot. Each fits a waist measurement of 75-110cm / 29-43’’. Each one has an absorbency of 1699ml.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 72
Absorbency 1699ml
Size Medium
Waist Measurement 75-110cm / 29-43''
Product Style Attends Pull Ons 5
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Vat Exempt Yes
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