TENA Men Premium Fit Protective Underwear Level 4 - Large (86-102cm/34-40in) - 1430ml - Pack of 8

TENA Men Premium Fit Protective Underwear Level 4 - Large (86-102cm/34-40in) - 1430ml - Pack of 8

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Discreet underwear especially designed for the male user offering secure protection against moderate incontinence. The Lock Away Core™ and Odour Control™ system offers dryness and comfort.

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Product Description


TENA MenPremium Fit Protective Underwear has a comfortable, masculine design and is the first pant designed specifically for men. The cotton-like soft stretchy fabric is breathable and comfortable, similar to the feel of normal underwear. It provides reliable discretion and safety for large leaks for all day comfort, dryness and security. This protective underwear is specifically shaped for male anatomy, following the contours of the body for a snug and secure fit, allowing the user to carry out an active lifestyle. This product is manufactured to defend against high levels of incontinence. Discretion is paramount with the TENA Men Protective Underwear, and is unnoticeable under clothing. The unique Lock Away Core™ contains micro-absorbents that retain liquids and keep them away from the body. In conjunction with the Odour Control™ system, this protective Underwear guarantees a dry and comfortable experience which is free of foul odours. The TENA Men Premium Fit Underwear is a upgrade to the TENA Men Level 4. New features include different sizing to reflect male trouser size in inches - Now available in 2 sizes Medium & Large as opposed to the one. There are no changes to the product design and absorbency. Benefits & Features:
  • Anatomically Shaped
  • First pant designed specifically for men
  • Fresh Odour Control
Additional Information

Additional Information

Absorbency 1430ml
Units Per Pack 8
Product Style TENA Men Protective Underwear
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence
Vat Exempt Yes
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