Attends Stretch Pants with Legs XX Large (130-155cm/51-61in) - Pack of 3

Attends Stretch Pants with Legs XX Large (130-155cm/51-61in) - Pack of 3

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Benefits & Features

• Fits securely around waist and body.

• Soft, stretchy, comfortable material.

• White colour for extra discretion.

• Re-usable and machine washable.

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Product Description


Attends Stretch Pants with Legs are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit all body types. The XX Large is the largest size available in this line. These stretch pants have been designed specifically to use with incontinence pads. They can securely hold a large shaped pad securely in place.


While it’s recommended that Large Attends are worn with these stretch pants, any size can be worn to provide the best incontinence protection.


The Stretch Pants with LegsXX Large are made in a soft white material that fits snuggly against the skin, but never pinches. There is a thin burgundy stripe around the waistline and both legs for style. The material will give a perfect fit for the body. At a quick glance, they seem to be like real underwear. This will help to boost the confidence of the user.


The Stretch Pants with LegsXX Large provide the perfect fit to the body. They don’t add a lot of bulk, and minimize the bulk even when the pad is worn. This helps to provide a level of discretion and can boost the confidence of people who would normally stay close to a washroom due to incontinence issues. Wearing the Attends products will help a person to resume their normal life.


These pants work best with the adhesive and rectangular style of Attends pads. They can hold all sizes and up to a large pad securely in pace. The protective film can simply be removed from the adhesive strip and put in place in the shorts. It helps to already be wearing the shorts, rather than attempting placement when they are off.


The Stretch Pants with LegsXX Large is available in a pack of 3, so there is always a fresh pair of pants ready to go. These pants are also machine washable, and can be washed up to 15 times with good care.


The waistline on these Attends Stretch Pants Extra Plus will fit up to 30-155cm/51-61in. The XX Large / Extra Plus are the largest in the line. There are also other sizes in the Attends line if this size isn’t the right fitting.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 3
Size Extra Plus
Waist Measurement 130-155cm/51-61in
Product Style Attends Stretch
Vat Exempt Yes
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