Attends Stretch Fit Briefs Large (90-120cm/35-47in) - Pack of 3

Attends Stretch Fit Briefs Large (90-120cm/35-47in) - Pack of 3

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Attends Stretch Briefs are a secure pant that look and feel like normal underwear, suitable for holding a large shaped pad safely in place.

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Product Description


The Attends Stretch Fit Briefs are available in a Large size (other sizes also available). These have been designed to look like regular briefs or underpants, but are suitable for holding a large shaped Attends pad securely in place. These are suitable for men or women who don’t have stretchy pants. These briefs are best for the wearing of an Attends pad, particularly in the summer months when the wearer doesn’t want a lot of fabric surrounding their legs.


The Attends Stretch Fit Briefs are made from a soft white fabric and have a traditional wide underwear waistband. They are brief-style, so they wrap around the legs, but aren’t too high or in shorts-style. The white colour is like traditional underwear to make the wearer feel confident.


The Attends Stretch Fit Briefs are secure pants that both look and feel like real underwear so the wearer can feel confident when out in public. They fit snugly against the body. The thinness of the material also adds to the discretion, as an incontinence pad can add some extra bulk front and back. But since the briefs are made from thin material, combined, it will be less noticeable that the wearer is wearing incontinence pads and not regular underpants.


One Attends Pad securely attaches to the inside of the briefs. The pad will stay in place, and the stretchy tightness of the brief also provides a secondary level of security for helping keep it in place. These are perfect for regular daily activity levels. There are other Attends products that may be more suitable for those with an active lifestyle.


There are three briefs available in each Attends Stretch Fit Briefs package, so there is always a fresh pair ready to wear. This is a Large size, but there are also other sizes available to fit every size of body. These briefs also hold incontinence pads from Small and up to the Large size.


The briefs have a 90-120cm/35-47in waistband, and are machine washable and can be cleaned in water temperatures of up to 60-95°C. These briefs are more durable than the Attends stretchy pants. The briefs will last for up to 50 washes X 3, for 150 wearings for all three briefs in the package.


Benefits & Features

• Nice secure fit.
• Looks like real underwear.

• Soft, stretchy material.
• 100% washable and reusable.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 3
Size Large
Waist Measurement 90-120cm/35-47in
Product Style Attends Stretch
Vat Exempt Yes
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