Attends Soft 5 Longer Length Pad - Pack of 38

Attends Soft 5 Longer Length Pad - Pack of 38

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A slim and discreet pad designed for moderate incontinence featuring an absorbent core.

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Product Description


The Attends Soft 5 is a longer length of pad designed for larger people. It also comes in a pack of 38, which should be enough supplies for several weeks. These pads are slim and discreet, and are designed for urinary incontinence.

The pads attach to underwear with an adhesive strip. This helps to keep them in place. They have a cup-shaped or U-shaped design that gently curves upwards and is perfect to fit the anatomical shape of most people. They work best for stretchy pants. If users don’t have any stretchy pants, rather then attaching them to boxer shorts, they can also purchase Attends Stretchy Pants, or Attends Briefs. These products have been designed for using with Attends pads.


The Attends Soft 5 Longer Length Pad had a moderate urinary incontinence absorption volume. They also have a breathable textile backing so that they keep the skin dry and fresh, and are soft and non-irritating.


The Attends Soft 5 Longer Length Pads come in an anatomical design that wraps around the lower extremities so they provides additional discretion. There will be no struggle with attempting to get ends pushed in, or embarrassing folds.


Each Attends Soft 5 Longer Length Pad had an adhesive strip on the underside that helps it to stick to underwear. This keeps it in place to ensure there is no slippage and that it provides adequate coverage in case their are leaks. The tightness of the stretchy underwear will also work at keeping the pad in place.

There is the option to wear the Attends with your own underwear, or to purchase one of the Attends Stretchy Pants or Attends Briefs that have been specifically designed for attaching an Attends pad to. If it’s chosen to wear your own underwear, they should be of the stretchy variety. Not only does this help the adhesive in the pads to stick much better but also helps to keep the pad in place.



The Attends Soft 5 Longer Length Pad comes in a pack of 38. They’re of a longer length that measures at 48.6cm. These pads hold a moderate incontinence volume of 800 – 999ml.


Benefits & Features

• Longer length for greater coverage.
• For moderate incontinence.

• Easy to attach and remove.
• Slender and discreet design.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 38
Length 48.6cm
Front Width No
Rear Width No
Absorption Range 800 – 999ml
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Level Attends Soft 5
Vat Exempt Yes
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