Attends Soft 4 Super - Pack of 46

Attends Soft 4 Super - Pack of 46

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A slim and discreet pad designed for moderate incontinence featuring an absorbent core.

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Product Description


The Attends Soft 4 Super Pack provide for moderate incontinence. This item has a pack of 46, so it’s suitable for those who are suffering longterm issues of urinary incontinence and want the most for their value.


These pads are white in colour so you can easily see when they are soiled and need to be replaced. They are U-Shaped and cup shaped to fit around the curves of the body.

These pads are in an anatomical shape so that they fit with the contours of the body instead of sticking out in odd spots. They are meant to be worn with close fitting, stretchy underwear. If the wearer finds they don’t have suitable underwear, they can purchase one of the Attends stretchy pants or briefs that are made specifically for the attachment of a wide range of sizes of Attends pads.


The centre of the pad has an absorbent core that draws in fluids and keeps them there. This assists in keeping the skin clean and dry, and helps to prevent skin infections. The pads have three levels of protection, so that if any fluids escape from the core, the second or the third layers will provide additional protection.


The pads have an adhesive on the back that helps to keep them in place. When the pad is securely positioned, that means that it’s less likely to fail the user. This helps to reduce the chance of leaks.

There is also a breathable textile backing that provides for keeping the skin comfortable, and is soft, so the user forgets they’re wearing an Attends pad and can live a confident life.


The Attends Soft 4 Super pad can be removed and folded up after being soiled, then discarded in a waste bin.


The Attends Soft 4 Super Pack come in a pack of 46, which should last for a good length of time for people who suffer from regular incontinence issues. Smaller packages of this moderate-level of absorption can also be purchased for users who only have temporary incontinence needs. Each pad measures 38.5cm / 15” in length, and 14.5cm / 5” in width. They have an absorption range of 800 – 999ml.


Benefits & Features

• Suitable for moderate incontinence.
• Large 46 pack to last a long time.

• Easy to attach to underwear and remove.
• Soft materials for maximum comfort.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 46
Length 38.5cm / 15"
Front Width 14.5cm / 5"
Rear Width No
Absorption Range 800 – 999ml
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Level Attends Soft 4 Super
Vat Exempt Yes
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