Attends Slip Regular Plus - X Large (10) (150-175cm/59-68in) Pack of 14

Attends Slip Regular Plus - X Large (10) (150-175cm/59-68in) Pack of 14

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A highly absorbent all in one designed for heavy incontinence.

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Product Description


The Attends Slip Regular Plus are suitable for heavy (regular) but not severe levels of incontinence. This package is available in an Extra Large sizing, and is the largest available in the line. These are an all-in-one solution to both urinary and faecal incontinence so the patient only has to wear one type of pad that wraps from front to back, and not two.


The Attends have a plastic backing which helps to trap fluids inside, and also prevents embarrassment. The plastic backing also keeps smells trapped inside.


These Attends are suitable for patients who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down. There are other Attends Active products for patients who do a lot of walking or fitness activities that would be more suitable for them. These are also have a regular level for heavy incontinence, but not severe, so another Attends may be recommended for that purpose.


The centre of the Attends pad has a highly absorbent core that keeps fluids away from the skin. This helps to provide comfort, and to reduce risk of infection. The top layer dries quickly.


The pads also have the Attends odour protection, so if there is a gush, none will be the wiser surrounding the patient, and they’ll maintain their dignity. Besides holding fluids deep within to control odours from escaping, the fibres have also been treated with odour protection, which masks the smells.


The Attends Slip Regular Plus Extra Large don’t need to be changed with every accident as the absorbent fibres traps fluids and odours inside. If you’re uncertain if it needs to be changed, there is a blue indicator.


Instead of having to remove the entire Attends to see if it needs to be changed, there is a handy pale blue wetness indicator. When dry, it will remain blue. If it turns colourless, that means that it’s time for the pad to be changed for a new one. This helps to simplify care and is less intrusive for the patient.


The Attends Slip Regular Plus Extra Large are available in a package of 14. They’ll fit a waist measurement of 150-175cm/59-68”. 


Benefits & Features

• Designed for heavy incontinence issues.
• Effective odour protection to trap smells within.

• Wetness indicator to ease care.
• Cost effective product.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 14
Absorbency 3699ml
Size Extra Large
Waist Measurement 150-175cm/59-68"
Product Style Attends Slip Regular Plus
Suitable for Heavy Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Plastic Backing
Vat Exempt Yes
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