Attends Pull Ons 8 - Large (100-140cm/39-55in) - 2099ml - Pack of 16

Attends Pull Ons 8 - Large (100-140cm/39-55in) - 2099ml - Pack of 16

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A discreet pull up designed for heavy bladder weakness and faecal incontinence. Features a breathable back sheet and a flexible fit.

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Product Description


Some people require additional assurance that their incontinence won’t embarrass them, so the Attends Pull Ons 8 has been designed for heavy bladder weakness and faecal incontinence. These are in the Large size, but there are also other sizes to suit each person (S, M, L, XL). These are Level 8 for heavy incontinence absorption.


The Attends Pull Ons look like average underpants. The Attends are made from white and light blue materials, and have an elastic waistband and ruffled leg openings on both sides. The Attends fit around the natural curves of the body. They contain a special absorbent core to prevent leakage. The additional features of elastic around the legs suit a dual purpose of an extra layer of protection.


The Attends Pull Ons also provide for odour control, until the patient can get to a washroom to switch to a fresh one. Other Attends products may be used to maintain good hygiene, including Attends Wipes, and Attends Foam Cleanser.


There is no need to wear underpants with the Attends Pull Ons, as these provide full coverage. No one else will know that someone is wearing the Attends Pull Ons.


The Pull Ons solve the problem of heavy bladder weakness and faecal incontinence of adults of all ages—seniors, patients who have undergone surgery, cancer patients, and patients with illnesses or diseases. The Pull Ons provide a level of dignity, so normal life can resume.


Within the lining of the Attends Pull Ons is a long rectangular pad that stretches from front to back. There is a breathable textile back sheet so there is greater comfort against the skin.


The Attends Pull Ons 8 have been designed to be flexible and provide for good movement and a flexible fit.


The Attends Pull Ons are better for people who have maintained some mobility (not the bedridden), otherwise, one of the other incontinence absorption pads may be best.


The Attends Pull Ons 8 comes in a pack of 16. They have the highest absorbency level for Attends Pull Ons of 2099ml. The Large size fits a waist measurement of 100-140cm/39-55”. The Attends are disposable and can be folded up and tossed into a bin.


Benefits & Features

• Discreet incontinence underwear replacement.
• Breathable back sheet.

• Flexible fit moves with you.
• Variety of different sizes available.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 16
Absorbency 2099ml
Size Large
Waist Measurement 100-140cm/39-55"
Product Style Attends Pull Ons 8
Suitable for Heavy Incontinence, Faecal Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Vat Exempt Yes
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