Attends For Men Level 4 - Pack of 14

Attends For Men Level 4 - Pack of 14

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A pad designed for moderate Male Bladder weakness that is worn inside close fitting underwear.

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Product Description


The Attends for Men Level 4 is a urinary incontinence pad that is worn inside underwear to prevent embarrassment. This pad is white and blue in colour for cleanliness assurance, and is in a paddle-shaped design that focusses on the front region. It’s softly cupped to fit comfortably around a man’s anatomical shape.


The Level 4 Pad is specifically for moderate levels of male bladder weakness. Lighter levels may benefit from a smaller and lighter pad. The central strip inside the pad is white, so it can be quickly checked for soiling. The surrounding outer strip is in light blue, to better match blue underpants, or to seem like it’s a part of the underpants.


These pads work best by inserting inside close fitting underwear, rather than in pants or boxer shorts. There is a removable adhesive strip with protective film to protect the stickiness prior to insertion. The pad can then be inserted into men’s underpants.


These male incontinence pads have been designed to fit discreetly inside clothing so only the wearer is knowledgeable. They provide a way to rebuild confidence and resume normal daily activities, without worrying about staying in the bathroom all day long. The wearer will appreciate resuming their normal active lifestyle while they recover from their illness, surgery, or to seek a diagnosis for their bladder condition.


The Attends for Men Level 4 have an inner absorbent core that helps to wick away fluids. This will help to keep the skin dry, even after accidents. The fluid will be trapped beneath the surface and stay there.


The back of the Attends for Men Level 4 pads contain a breathable textile backing to prevent sweating or overheating in the lower extremities. This is comfortable and designed for natural movements.


When the pad has been soiled, it can be removed, folded up, and discarded in a regular waste disposal bin. It should never be flushed.


The Attends for Men Level 4 pads are sold in packs of 14. Each measures

25.5cm / 10” in length, with a front width of 18cm / 7”, and a rear width of 7cm / 2.75”. Each pad has an absorption range of 799ml.


Benefits & Features

• Designed to work with moderate male bladder leakage.
• Fixation tape keeps pad in place.

• Odour protection locks in smells.
• Anatomically shaped to fit men.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 14
Length 25.5cm / 10"
Front Width 18cm / 7"
Rear Width 7cm / 2.75"
Absorption Range 799ml
Suitable for Moderate Incontinence
Waterproof Backing Type Breathable Textile Backing
Level Attends For Men Level 4
Vat Exempt Yes
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