Attends Cover-Dri Super 60 x 90cm - Pack of 50

Attends Cover-Dri Super 60 x 90cm - Pack of 50

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A highly absorbent under pad designed to lock away urine using a unique hexagonal design.

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Product Description


The Attends Cover-Dri Super Pads provide an extra layer of protection to the furniture and beds of incontinent people. These are highly absorbent and will lock away urine until the patient is awake or can be moved. The Attends will keep them comfortable, and is an additional protection against leakage, even if the patient is also wearing an adult diaper or Attends pad.


The Attends have a rectangular white shape with grey bordered material or “flaps”. Within the Attends Pad are contained several hexagonal-shaped cushions to help trap leakage. The hexagonal design helps to deliver quicker absorbency and improved protection of furniture and fabrics.


These Attends do have grey tuck in flaps which work well when placed above a chair or wheelchair seat. They also have a strong anti-slip backing sheet, so they’ll stay in place, even if the patient is moving around. They can also used on chairs and wheelchairs, or the flaps can be tucked under a mattress to hold it in place. Otherwise, they can be left out on larger mattresses.


The pads have a soft skin-friendly upper sheet made of SAP—soft absorbent material—which will be soft and comfortable, even if the patient is lying in bed wearing pajamas. The hexagonal core of the pad will collect the urine and turn it to a gel. This holds it inside and helps to keep the patient drier. It also helps to reduce odour, as the urine is trapped inside. Inside the hexagons is a gel-like substance. The gel prevents the breeding of bacteria which can cause odour problems.


The Attends Cover-Dri Super Pads are designed to be disposable, so simply fold it up and place in the bin after it’s been soiled. If they are still clean, they can simply remain until they have collected urine, or if they are starting to disintegrate as then their effectiveness will fail.


The Attends Cover-Dri Super Pads have a light blue back sheet, so you’ll be able to easily separate them from the sheets during laundry time.


The Attends Cover-Dri Super Pads are sold in cost-effective packs of 50. They measure 90cm / 35” and have an absorbency of 1423ml.



Benefits & Features

• Soft and friendly top sheet.
• Unique hexagonal pattern that locks away urine.

• Urine turns to gel so it can’t escape.
• Highly absorbent.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 50
Absorbency 1423ml
Length 90cm / 35"
Style With Tuck In Flaps
Product Style Attends Cover Dri
Front Width 60cm / 24"
Size 80x170cm
Type Disposable
Vat Exempt Yes
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