Attends Cover Dri Plus - 410ml - 40x60cm - Pack of 50

Attends Cover Dri Plus - 410ml - 40x60cm - Pack of 50

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A highly absorbent under pad designed to lock away urine using a unique hexagonal design.

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Product Description


The Attends Cover Dri Plus have been designed solely for urinary incontinence. Instead of adhesive, they rely on special fasteners that wrap around the waist and attach with velcro to keep secure. This special feature promises to keep them from slipping, and is the better solution for bedridden people. They are in a large size. They are highly absorbent under pads that have been designed to keep urine inside.


The Attends Cover Dri Plus have a unique hexagonally-shaped design to fit the natural contours of the body. People can still wear their usual underwear and clothing over top the Attends Cover Dri Plus.


This hexagonal pattern will help to quickly lock in fluids and keep them from escaping. Each pad contains super-absorbent materials. The top layer of the Attends contains a layer of skin-friendly, very soft material to ensure that the skin stays dry, trapping fluids beneath the surface. This gives the patient more comfort.


The hexagonal-patterned design was chosen because it’s the best way to design fluid-containing cells within the least amount of space, and that can also resist gravity. Urine gets locked away fast, and doesn’t need to be changed until it reaches its 410 ml capacity. The Attends also have odour protection to minimize embarrassment.


The Attends Cover Dri Plus are suitable for using for patients who are confined to beds. The waist straps allow for easier attachment then trying to place adhesive-based pads on underwear then place onto the patient. The Attends Cover Dri Plus are suitable for keeping beds, linens, mattresses, chairs, and furniture clean from urinary leakage, particularly when patients are in a reclined position.


The Attends Cover Dri Plus come in a blue and green plastic packaging to keep them clean until usage. They comes in packs of 28/50? for better cost-effectiveness. The absorbency of the Attends is 410ml, and these are available in large sizes. This large size will fit waist sizes from 100-145cm / 39-57’’. Each measures 40 x 60cm. This is a disposable product and can be rolled up and placed in the bin once it’s been used.


Benefits & Features

• Unique hexagonal pattern for maximum bladder protection.
• Soft fibres for extra comfort.

• Odour protection to minimize embarrassment.
• Large pack size of 28/50?.



Additional Information

Additional Information

Units Per Pack 50
Absorbency 410ml
Size Large
Waist Measurement 100-145cm / 39-57''
Product Style Attends Cover Dri
Suitable for Disposable
Waterproof Backing Type Not Applicable
Vat Exempt Yes
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